Teachers and educators

Teachers and educators

Children and young people make up a fifth of the UK’s population. Improving their health, wellbeing and understanding of the NHS is a priority not only for their future, but the future of the NHS. As part of the celebrations for the 70th birthday of the NHS we are developing new opportunities to work more closely with schools and youth organisations. The views and involvement of young people are critical in shaping an NHS fit for future generations.

The support and involvement of educators is vital for the success of this work and we are inviting schools to organise visits from NHS staff to speak about the anniversary of the NHS; their careers; and the opportunities for young people to get involved in their local NHS, through volunteering, work experience or visits.

We want to know what young people feel about the NHS and to help them learn more about what we do, the challenges we face, the staff we employ and the careers offered. Through this we will be able to help them better understand the NHS and lead healthier lives, ensuring that the NHS is responding to their needs – now and for the next 70 years.

The NHS’s 70th birthday celebrations have begun and the countdown to the big birthday on 5 July is underway! Take a look at the initiatives, resources and links outlined here and think about ways these could help with your plans for young people.

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