Calling all nurse and midwives bloggers

Professor Jane CummingsTo celebrate 70 years of the NHS the Chief Nursing Officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings (@JaneMCummings), has asked nurses, midwives and care staff to blog about the innovative work done by themselves and their colleagues over the last seven decades, and to discuss what they think the nursing and midwifery professions could look like in another 70 years.

The campaign, known as #70nursebloggers and #70midwifebloggers has been launched to coincide with the NHS’s 70th birthday on 5 July. It is also hoped this will inspire young people to consider becoming a nurse or midwife.

For more information about how to get involved, you can read Professor Cummings’ blog post on the NHS England website.

If you would like more information about embarking on a career in nursing, midwifery, or anywhere else with the NHS, visit the NHS Health Careers website.