baby and older person holding hands


The NHS turned 70 on 5 July 2018. It’s the perfect time to celebrate the history and achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions and to talk about its future, including the wide array of opportunities being created by advances in science, technology and information.

Most importantly, the birthday allows us to say a special thank you to the extraordinary NHS staff who are always there to greet, advise and care for us.

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer, with over 1.5 million staff from all over the world and more than 350 different careers. We’ll be telling these everyday heroes’ stories throughout the celebrations:

  • The midwives who deliver us into the world
  • The GPs and pharmacists who advise and treat us
  • The nurses, doctors and other clinicians who come to our aid when the unexpected happens
  • The porters who keep our hospitals moving
  • The support staff that make appointments happen
  • The researchers at the forefront of innovation, and so many others.

We are all proud of our NHS, so let’s take this opportunity to celebrate it and its dedicated staff, as well as the many volunteers, charities, patient groups and others that support the service.